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Lunchtime is the perfect time to take a break from whatever you have been working on in the morning and recharge your batteries. Now, if you think that grabbing something from a vending machine or a soggy sandwich out of a paper bag will bring you back to life, you are likely to be disappointed. These options leave a great deal to be desired as far as culinary satisfaction.

Additionally, meals are about more than just the food. Breakfast begins the day, and is sometimes the perfect time to start out on a positive note with your family or coworkers. Lunch is a time when you should set aside the responsibilities of the morning and your afternoon to-do list and take a real break. When you take time to go to a lunch restaurant, and sit back and enjoy the food and the hospitality, you will be better prepared to face the rest of the day with new-found energy and stamina.

At our lunch café in Mulberry, FL, we focus on preparing the finest lunch entrees around for each of our valued guests. We also offer quick and efficient service with a heaping dose of southern hospitality. We want you to thoroughly enjoy your visit, your food, and the time you spend with us; and we do all that we can to ensure we exceed your expectations. We specialize in preparing delectable lunch meals that are savory, mouthwatering examples of southern cuisine.

Whether you are looking for delicious lunch sandwiches, or something a bit more filling, count on us at JK’S Café to leave your tummy satisfied. You will be glad that you did!

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